Who are we?

Welcome to Live In San Miguel! A passionate collective born out of a desire to deliver an uncompromisingly honest, transparent, and value-packed source of real estate and lifestyle intel to our ever-evolving community. Whether you’re on the hunt for somewhere you can call a new ‘forever’ home, contemplating investing in buying a vacation residence, or envisioning a vibrant life and setting down some roots in San Miguel, we’re here to be your guide, companion, and catalyst in this journey.

Steered by our CEO and CDR Forbes Global Properties’ agent, Erick Sakal, your search for the house of your dreams is just steps away. From luxury properties, to family-friendly developments, to vineyard and golfing communities, our all-encompassing portfolio, carefully curated to meet your unique expectations and taste, ensures there’s a perfect match for every dream home seeker.

Why choose us?

Now, you may wonder, why choose us amidst the sea of real estate agencies swarming San Miguel? We’re glad you asked!

Erick Sakal and the dedicated team at Live In San Miguel are not just your ordinary real estate partners; we’re your trusted allies in the search for your perfect home. Here’s why:

  1. We hold the keys to the most desirable properties in San Miguel, and we’re excited to share these hidden gems with you.
  2. We offer a treasure trove of reliable insights about San Miguel, ensuring your home buying or selling journey is as seamless and rewarding as possible.
  3. We excel in high-end technology services such as immersive Matterport virtual tours, professional photography, and social media promotion to list and promote your properties effectively. For more details about our services click here.
  4. Our band of experienced professionals, including notaries, lawyers, architects, inspectors, and engineers, stand by your side, providing you peace of mind in every transaction.
  5. We value your time, just as much as we value our beautiful town. Therefore, our motivation is to swiftly find you a home where you can start creating precious memories and savor all the exquisite experiences San Miguel has to offer.

So, get ready to experience real estate like never before with Live In San Miguel. Welcome home!

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Meet the Team

Erick Sakal - CDR | Forbes Global Properties

Born in Cannes, France, and raised in Mexico City, Erick Sakal has been in the real estate industry for the last 20 years. He co-founded a real estate development company and is currently its commercial director. Directly responsible for the sale of more than 200 houses and apartments over his career, he has a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in this business. He moved to San Miguel de Allende in 2013 to start a family with his wife and business partner, Sarah, and this experience has made him a trusted go-to in all things San Miguel. With the added advantage of speaking three native languages (Spanish, English, and French), plus a great intuition of what people are looking for in a property, Erick has helped numerous people from different cultures find their dream homes.

Sarah Bender - CDR | Forbes Global Properties and Blogger

After falling in love with Mexico at first sight almost 20 years ago, Sarah feels more at home here than in her British hometown. From the moment she landed in Mexico City, as a fairly naive but enthusiastic traveler (who planned to stay for only 2 weeks), her senses were completely captivated by the colors, smells, and sounds of Mexico. Sarah moved to San Miguel in 2010 with her husband, Erick to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and start a family. 

Sarah recently joined forces with Erick selling homes in San Miguel de Allende. So, whether she’s house hunting, writing, creating content, or snapping photos of beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Sarah has the chance to show people how incredible this city is. Whether you’re seeking a new place to call home, a memorable vacation spot, or an idyllic setting to raise a family, San Miguel de Allende really has something for everyone.

Reesee Allen - Live In San Miguel Relocation and Lifestyle Expert

Reesee’s journey to San Miguel de Allende has been transformative, and she is overjoyed to help others experience this magic. Joining Erick and Sarah at Live In San Miguel allows her to combine her professional skills with her personal passion. As the Relocation and Lifestyle Expert, she’s eager to share her personal experience of leaving it all behind, navigating the international moving process, and uncovering the wonders and secrets of San Miguel.

If you’re thinking about making the leap to become an expat, Reesee is your go-to guide! From the thrilling highs to the inevitable bumps along the way, she’s ready to answer all your burning questions and help you embrace the adventure of a lifetime. Whether it’s about packing up your life or diving into the vibrant culture of San Miguel, Reesee has got you covered!

Reesee brings a wealth of expertise to the team. She is the CEO of Sanresa, Inc., a marketing consulting agency, and holds a BS in Advertising & Public Relations from Texas Christian University. With over three decades of experience as a marketing maven and serial entrepreneur, she is also an international best-selling author and the creator of Heavenly Bound Rosaries. Her unique spiritual jewelry has been featured in the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, TX, and Buckfast Abbey in the UK. Her accolades include an American Business Awards nomination in Marketing and a guest MBA lecturer role at the SMU Cox School of Business.