Live In San Miguel de Allende Golf and Country Club Communities

The allure of San Miguel de Allende extends beyond its vibrant history, captivating architecture, and thriving arts scene. For those who are passionate about golf, there are communities in this enchanting city that are designed with you in mind. Imagine waking up to an expansive view of a meticulously manicured golf course, starting your day with a leisurely round of golf, or simply savoring the serene ambiance of living within a stone’s throw of the fairways. 

In San Miguel de Allende, such a lifestyle isn’t just a dream—it’s a reality you can step into. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newcomer to the sport, the golfing communities of Malanquin, Ventanas, and Zirandero are waiting to welcome you home. Now, let’s explore what each of these unique neighborhoods has to offer.

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Malanquín Golf Club

Built over 50 years ago, Malanquín is the oldest golf club in San Miguel de Allende. Living in the prestigious Malanquín Golf Club offers the epitome of luxury living, relaxation, and security, only minutes away from the center of town. Here are some of the top highlights that make this golfing community a top choice for potential property buyers:

  • Luxury Living: This exclusive private and secure community hosts some of the most luxurious properties in San Miguel. Strolling along the cobblestone streets, you’ll be in awe at the exquisite architecture and carefully manicured green spaces. From modern to colonial styles there’s something for everyone’s tastes. 
  • Family Friendly: It’s a family club with a history of more than 50 years and features a variety of classes from swimming to football to tennis. 
  • Exquisite Golf Course: Malanquín boasts a professional 18-hole course built between valleys and heavily wooded natural hills, with narrow fairways, artificial lakes, and spectacular views of the Allende Dam and the mountains of the Sierra de Guanajuato.
  • Amenities: The amenities are world class at Malanquín, including tennis courts, a heated semi-Olympic pool, a children’s pool, a restaurant, a soccer field, a sauna/steam room, a top-notch gym, a children’s play area, and areas to host family events.

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Ventanas Golf Club and Resort

Located just 3 kilometers from the Historic Center, living in the Ventanas Golf Club gated community presents you with a world of opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and refinement. Here are some of the top highlights that make this golfing community a top choice for potential property buyers:

  • Pro Golf Course: Ventanas boasts a Nick Faldo design golf course, a name synonymous with world-class golfing experiences. This golf course offers a playing experience like no other, designed to challenge and excite golfers of all skill levels​​.
  • Spectacular ClubHouse: The clubhouse at Ventanas is designed for luxury and comfort. Enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, all designed to enhance your living experience​​.
  • Gourmet Dining: The community features a restaurant offering a delicious menu and a beautiful terrace with a spectacular view. Here, dining becomes an experience to look forward to​.
  • Perfect Event Spaces: Ventanas has the perfect space for your events. Be it a family gathering, a celebration, or a corporate event, you’ll find excellent facilities to host your guests​​.
  • Golf Academy: Sharpen your skills or take up a new hobby at the Golf Academy. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, the academy caters to golfers of all skill levels, promising an enriching learning experience​​.

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Zirandaro Golf Club and Residential Development

Zirandero is located just a quick 30-minute drive from Querétaro and a mere 2.8 kilometers from the main gate leading to the iconic Historic Center of San Miguel de Allende. Here are some of the top highlights of living in the Zirandaro Golf Club, San Miguel de Allende:


  • Affordable Living: The residences in Zirandaro represent comfort, convenience, and affordable living, with their modern construction, high-quality finishes, and spacious designs. Homes include Villas, Penthouse Apartments, and Townhouses, all with stunning views​​. 
  • Travel Convenience: Global accessibility is at your fingertips, with seamless connections to the international airports of Mexico City, Querétaro, and Bajío. 
  • Golf Course: Zirandaro is home to a 9-hole executive golf course. It is designed for walking, allowing players to appreciate the beautiful views and water bodies while enjoying the game​.
  • Urban Parks: Zirandaro boasts over 19 hectares of green spaces, primarily concentrated in its parks. These parks have been designed to provide an enjoyable outdoor experience, surrounded by native nature and amenities to be enjoyed in the natural atmosphere​​.
  • Family Friendly: With many gated communities all equipped with communal pools, play areas, bicycle trails, and abundant green parks there’s no better place to raise a family. 
  • Amenities: The community offers a range of amenities, including a clubhouse with a semi-Olympic pool, gym, and restaurant. There are also green areas for relaxation, and a kids’ playground for younger residents​​.

*Properties in Zirandaro come at a lower cost due to being located further out of town. So, if you’re looking to get more for your buck, this could be the community for you! 

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Living in any of these exclusive golfing communities doesn’t just mean buying a property; it means investing in a lifestyle full of luxury, comfort, and excitement.