Neighborhoods in San Miguel de Allende: Live In Obraje

Historic Charm Meets Modern Living

Embrace the harmonious blend of history and modernity in the tranquil neighborhood of Obraje, nestled in the heart of San Miguel de Allende. Once part of the Hacienda de Santa María del Obraje in the 18th century, today’s Obraje is a testament to peaceful, picturesque living, with breathtaking views gracing every corner. Experience tranquility without sacrificing accessibility. Obraje is but a leisurely walk from the city’s historic center, putting you in perfect proximity to a rich tapestry of restaurants, shops, and cultural landmarks. Revel in the convenience of urban living from the serenity of your own haven.

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Architectural Variety and Lifestyle

The edge of Obraje bordering on Centro is home to the award-winning Live Aqua Hotel, an architectural marvel that marries contemporary design with deep respect for the area’s traditional aesthetic, a fitting symbol for the entire Obraje neighborhood. Here, the echoes of the past meet the comforts of the present, as homes vary in style from traditional Mexican architecture to modern designs, each brimming with character. Many residences feature courtyards, rooftop terraces, or gardens, offering a lifestyle that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living. 

Amenities and Natural Beauty at Your Doorstep

Discover a neighborhood where amenities are always within reach. Take a stroll to local markets, parks, cafes, or venture to the vibrant Fabrica Aurora with its abundant galleries, eateries, and shops. Obraje is also proud to be home to the prestigious bilingual Vasconcelos school, making it a favorite choice for locals and expatriates alike. In Obraje, the beauty of nature is never far from sight. Enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and the serene Presa de la Olla reservoir, serving as daily reminders of the region’s captivating natural beauty. Join us in Obraje, where history, convenience, and serenity coexist to create a lifestyle unlike any other.