Our Top 5 Bakeries in San Miguel de Allende

Don’t get me wrong, I could eat chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and molletes on rotation every day; however, there are moments when a piping hot croissant straight out of the oven accompanied with some homemade jam and a cup of freshly brewed coffee really hits the spot. Being British and marrying into a French family, food is always of great importance in our house, and a tasty European-style breakfast never goes amiss, especially at the weekends.

So, if you fancy a crispy French baguette, a flakey pain au chocolat, or a crunchy Italian biscotti, keep reading to find out our list of the top European-inspired bakeries in San Miguel de Allende.

And don’t forget to keep checking our blogs, as our top choices of delicious Mexican pan dulces will be coming soon, once I’ve had a chance to do the all-important taste tests.

All of our bakery choices are also sit-in cafes serving hot drinks and fresh juices, as well as special treats for those with dietary requirements. You’ll also notice that 4 out of 5 of them are in San Antonio—another reason to think about looking for properties in this area.

1. Panio

This one is very close to my heart, as when we first moved to San Miguel just over a decade ago, Erick and I basically survived on Panio’s baguettes and a bottle of cheap red wine every evening for about 6 months! It was just so good and still lives up to its outstanding reputation. My French parents-in-law even say that Panio’s baguettes are better than those found in France—a pretty big and complementary statement from a Parisian, if you ask me.


You can’t really go wrong with anything you order here. From the staple croissants, pain au chocolat, and gluten-free brownies to indulgent lemon meringue tarts, eclairs, and beautifully designed cakes to the savory quiches, empanadas, baguettes, and loaves of various sizes and flavors, you’re in for a treat. 

It’s not cheap, with simple pastries ranging from $28 to $50, but you won’t be disappointed!


3 Locations:

Delivery options: Whatsapp on their website

Another great French-inspired bakery option is Marulier. I can’t describe the excitement Erick and I felt to have an authentic French bakery open just around the corner from our house. This excitement was quickly replaced by a sense of dietary concern as we were frequenting Marulier on a daily basis to try all the delights they had!

The black olive baguette is a firm favorite of my youngest son, and I’m fond of the banana muffins. They also have great breakfast and lunch options such as pan francés, huevos al gusto, avocado toast with bacon, and a selection of filled baguettes and salads. The prices are very reasonable, especially for San Miguel, and one of the biggest attractions is their outdoor terraces (in both locations).

2 Locations

Opening hours: 8am-10pm (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Next on the list we’re moving from France to Italy. Buonforno offers delicious artisan Italian-inspired bread. Over the years, people have repeatedly recommended this quaint bakery for treats such as their apricot danishes, focaccia, sourdough, and delicious selection of cookies, including gluten-free options.

Just make sure to arrive early, as things sell out here pretty quickly. Although if you can’t get your hands on the baked goods you had in mind when arriving, you’ll be so spoiled for choice with other tasty options that you won’t have time to be disappointed and definitely won’t leave empty-handed!


Opening hours: 7.30am – 2pm (closed on Sundays)

Panina is the most recent of all our bakery choices, but it is rapidly making a great reputation for itself. Panina is a bakery workshop project that revolves around bread and sourdough. Apart from the delicious baked goods, they also offer a wide range of classes, from croissant making to perfecting masa madre to discovering the joys of sourdough bread. Don’t miss sitting out on their lovely terrace to try the salmon bagel, sourdough waffles, and pan de elote, among many other things.

They are currently closed for remodeling, but will be back very soon. Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram (@panina.mx) to find out more about their courses, both online and in person.


Opening hours: 8.30am-2.30pm (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

When strolling along Stirling Dickenson, you can’t miss Miga with its beautifully painted, colorful exterior. This bakery definitely has more of a Mexican feel, which we love. It’s attached to a light and cozy cafe called Amores, which provides all their baked artisan goods.

This is a great space for sitting down and working, reading, or simply catching up with friends while enjoying a delicious cinnamon roll and a great cup of coffee.


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Since releasing this blog on social media and asking for local feedback on our top picks, we’ve received a long list of everyone’s favorite bakeries in town. Thanks to all of you that contributed-it’s so important to us to receive local, tried and tested knowledge to provide the best advice to our followers.  This means there’s a part two of this in the making – we’re just in the process of taste testing, someone’s got to do it! ;)………..