Our Soft Landing in La Lejona, San Miguel de Allende

La Lejona

When we moved permanently to San Miguel de Allende in November of 2022, we had had already secured a place to live during our six-week trial period in this magical city.  If you are considering moving here, I can tell you that there is a great selection of short-term rentals here for almost any budget. For our landing spot, we had chosen a long-term rental house in La Lejona, one of the quieter neighborhoods in San Miguel de Allende.

Is La Lejona too far from Centro?

La Lejona, some would argue, is a bit far from Centro. By car La Lejona is less than ten minutes to the action in Centro. We don’t have a car, which I will explain in a future blog, but we the moment we settled in, we walked everywhere! It takes about 30 minutes to walk to downtown. The path is flat and easy.

Having experienced it, I can tell you that the walking distance gets shorter the longer you are there. This is especially true as there are always new beautiful places and people popping up along the way. We liked La Lejona because it has nice sidewalks, and the sleepy neighborhood is home to expats and locals alike, making it diverse and interesting. The walking is also how I lost fifteen pounds the first six weeks we lived there. I’ll take that any day.

We also liked La Lejona because it was a 10-minute, easy walk down to the largest grocery stores in the city, La Comer and City Market. And as an added plus, there was a small store/vegetable stand and a convenience store both just a few blocks away.

As an avid cook, I need easy access to ingredients, and as an keen consumer, my wife is more than happy to run out and get them for me! It’s kind of our silent agreement. If I’m cooking, even if I only need an onion, she will head out at a moment’s notice to acquire it for the promise of a fantastic meal on the other side. It’s a win-win!

El Ensueno
Our Little Community

Finding our New Family

Sunset form La Lejona Rooftop, San Miguel de Allende
Sunset from our La Lejona Rooftop

Life in La Lejona was a great introduction to life as a San Miguel de Allende expat. In our small, gated community, there were only eleven houses, all but one of them owned or lived in by Mexicans. About half of them were weekend getaways so we sporadically saw the owners or their guests, but not long enough to learn their names.  However, the neighbors who did live there permanently embraced us as family almost immediately!

Moving Around the Neighborhood

Along with our go-to convenience store and produce stand, La Lejona is home to many small businesses. You’ll find a selection of doctor’s and veterinarian offices, cafes, pizza places, small mom and pop shops, a park and a senior care home. A new little antique shop has also just opened.

If you need paint, hardware, would like to choose tile or bathroom fixtures for remodeling projects, or are looking for carpenters and mechanics, they are all in walking distance. Oh, and La Lejona is basically flat, making it an easy walking neighborhood.


Many homes in La Lejona are quite large. You can also find great San Miguel de Allende rentals there. If you’re interested in San Miguel de Allende real estate and are looking to buy a home, you can definitely get more for you money in this neighborhood of other areas. Like Casa La Amistad which recently had a price reduction.

Pets and More!

You’ll enjoy the variety of dogs you will find out walking their owners.  But more interestingly, very near the edge of the neighborhood you’ll find the Lienzo Charro Luis H. Ducoing arena where horse and show competitions take place frequently. It’s common to find a parade of horses traveling through the streets on the way to the arena.

One day while for out for a walk, as we exited our gate we ran into a small group of cows that were treating themselves to the grassy median outside our community. It made for a unusual photo shoot but didn’t last long as their owner was quickly herding them back up the street shortly after they were discovered. You never know what you’ll run into, but its always friendly and fun.

Cows of La Lejona
Cows of La Lejona

My Two Cents (or Dos Pesos, if you Prefer)

La Lejona has a lot to offer and honestly, because it is not in the middle of the action, you’ll have quieter days and evenings. There is less traffic and far enough away from the noise and partiers. But never fear, you can join them anytime you want!

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