Secrets of Working with Realtors in San Miguel de Allende

Recently, we’ve noticed a trend among buyers in San Miguel de Allende—working with multiple real estate agents simultaneously. While some are upfront about it, others keep it under wraps, leading to confusion and inefficiencies for both buyers and agents. To help streamline the process and ensure a smoother experience for all parties involved, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to understanding the unspoken rules of working with a real estate agent in San Miguel de Allende.

How to Choose Your Agent

Selecting the right agent is a crucial step in your home-buying journey. Here’s what to look for in a trustworthy and dedicated agent:

Most importantly, it’s essential that you have a connection with your chosen agent. The idea is to actually enjoy the company of the person you’re going to spend most of your time with during the search for your new home! 

Hiring a professional real estate agent from a reputable local agency usually provides a seamless and stress-free experience throughout your property search.

The Importance of Sticking with One Agent

It’s a common misconception among some buyers that working with multiple agents increases the chances of finding the perfect property or maybe even getting a discount on commission fees. However, this is simply not true, and here’s why: 

1. Consistency and Dedication: Working exclusively with one agent allows them to fully understand your needs, preferences, and priorities. They can dedicate more time and effort to finding properties that align with your criteria, leading to a more focused and efficient search process.

2. Better Communication: By maintaining a single point of contact, communication tends to be smoother and more streamlined. There’s less chance of miscommunication or misunderstandings between multiple agents, ensuring that your requirements are clearly understood and acted upon.

3. Building Trust and Rapport: Building a strong working relationship with your agent is crucial. By sticking with one agent, you have the opportunity to develop trust and rapport over time. This trust can lead to a more collaborative and successful real estate experience, as your agent will be motivated to prioritize your best interests.

4. Reduced Confusion and Complexity: Managing relationships with multiple agents can become confusing and complex, especially when it comes to scheduling viewings, negotiating offers, and managing paperwork. Working with one agent simplifies the process and reduces the likelihood of conflicting interests or redundant efforts.

Top Tip: Real Estate agents in San Miguel de Allende collaborate and share listings across all agencies. This ensures that you gain access to all the properties on the market. If you do come across listings elsewhere, simply inform your agent, and this will allow them to represent you effectively.

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What We Offer as Agents at Live in San Miguel

Now, you may wonder, why choose us at Live in San Miguel amidst the sea of real estate agencies in San Miguel de Allende? The reason is quite simple: we (Erick Sakal and Sarah Bender) aren’t your typical real estate partners. Having experienced relocation firsthand, we understand the process intimately and have your best interests at heart. Like Erick always says, “We don’t just speak the language; we live the culture.” 

Erick Sakal
Sarah Bender

And here’s why you won’t regret choosing us as your trusted agents:

  • We hold the keys to the most desirable properties in San Miguel de Allende, and we’re excited to share them with you. 
  • We offer many reliable insights about San Miguel de Allende, ensuring your home-buying journey is as seamless, enjoyable, and rewarding as possible.
  • We provide realistic property values where both seller and buyer will be happy and the sale will go through quickly and stress-free. 
  • We excel in high-end technology services such as immersive virtual video tours and professional photography, especially for remote buyer’s needs.
  • We work with a group of trusted and experienced professionals, including notaries, lawyers, architects, inspectors, and engineers, who will stand by your side, providing you with peace of mind in every transaction.
  • We value your time. As a result, our goal is to find you a home quickly where you can start making memories and enjoying all that San Miguel de Allende has to offer!

Last Thoughts

Navigating the San Miguel de Allende real estate market can be a fun and rewarding experience with the right agent by your side. By following the unspoken rules and etiquette outlined in this guide, you’ll ensure a smoother and more efficient process for yourself and your agent.

Remember, finding the perfect home in San Miguel de Allende is a collaborative effort between you and your agent. Trust their expertise, communicate openly, and enjoy the journey of finding your dream home in this incredible Mexican city.